Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kicking off a new idea

If you've stumble across this blog, you probably already know me. I love the t-shirt that despair.com sells. It says "more people have read this t-shirt than your blog." If you don't know me, I'll give you just the basics. I am currently working in a skilled nursing facility in North Augusta, South Carolina as a Speech Pathologist. Many of our patients fall into the bottom stratosphere of society and without your help, may fall through the cracks all together. I am going to post a list of needs that will go a long way to make the patient's and their family's days a little brighter. If you have any of these items feel free to contact me here or at awhasten@aim.com . 100% of donations will go to the patients. If you know of needs where you live or work, feel free to use this as a forum to ask for available resources. Some of the things that we currently need are:

-clothes/lounge wear
-dvd players
-picture frames/artwork
-pictures from children
-restaurant gift cards
-bus passes
-a three wheel bike with a basket for a 60 year old lady to ride from the bus stop
-prepaid cell phones

That's all for now. I'll keep you posted as I discover more needs. I'm presenting this to the nurses tomorrow.